Category Leader

Minerva Technologies adds value for the entire industry, not only ourselves, as many other industry participants do. We invest for the long term with our assets and do so for the benefit of our customers, shareholders and partners.

We have been consistently the first or the second in many of our markets; this does not happen by accident, all the time, and this is why we named the entity Minerva Tech - after the Greek goddess of wisdom.

Novel Technologies and Insights

We have been developing technolgy since 2011, when we first created big databases. We have managed to obtain intellectual property protection both in the United States and in Canada, as we develop new products and technologies. Our ownership is always researching and developing proficiency with using cutting-edge AI technologies, integrating financial modelling software, and advertisement tracking tools to help our client businesses better appeal to customers.

We have consistently proven ourselves and await to scale our technologies to 100k unique monthly visitors on each of our platforms.

Sophisticated Financial Training & Marketing Technology

Our team members have numerous years of experience in investment banking, business valuations, and accounting services. Our technologies are designed and built using the extensive financial knowledge and our marketing